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We secure high standards of supply and service for our customers around the world. We also offer different means of transport according to the customer's time frame and order capacity. At customer requests inspections on all shipments can be provided at the manufacturing sites by trusted International Bodies such as SGS, which enhance our quality and compliance of our Gilsonite products and their specifications.


We work closely with our well-trusted established network of shipping companies and freight forwarders. We ensure that all of our products is safely transported and packaged in the most cost effective, economical, safe and eco-friendly way possible. Our products are used in projects where time plays a very significant role therefore we provide accurate and cost effective delivery of Gilsonite materials resulting in project success.


We offer Gilsonite in a range of different packaging, which can be decided by our clients. The bags are also packaged and secured in standard size wooden pallets before shipment.


Our Logistics Network Offer


  • An extensive network with branch offices located near refineries

  • Planning and inventory monitoring

  • Just-in-time transportation and delivery

  • Secured transportation capacities, also in seasonal peak periods

  • Reliable delivery to our customers via the use of modern and innovative equipment

  • Pioneering, cost-effective logistics solutions


Gilsonite is our daily material in our European network, in combination with mature logistics solutions and innovative technology, will create pioneering, cost-effective solutions for your requirements.

We offer Gilsonite powders and pellets in packaging according to your specifications and deliver to your facilities through our reliable logistics network.