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Gilsonite is used as a binder and additive in steel desulfurization products. It has consistent volatiles that promote mixing of the other desulfurization chemicals like magnesium and hydrated lime. It will also add carbon content to the steel and will provide a reductive atmosphere as it oxidizes at high temperatures.


Gilsonite is used to make waterproof coatings for water pipes. It is a natural non-toxic resin with excellent adhesion properties.

A corrosion-resistant, chemically inert pipe coating can also be made from Gilsonite.


Gilsonite combines with many other chemicals and materials that take advantage of its unique physical and chemical properties. Binder and coating applications in metallurgical, wood product, refractory and other industries further demonstrate the versatility and usefulness of this remarkable material.

Gilsonite is non toxic resin which can be used in different chemicals modify the properties.