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We offer a wide range of penetration bitumen with different grades for different applications.



Our Bitumen is graded on stiffness (penetration in tenths of a mm of a 100g needle dropped onto a bitumen sample for 5 seconds at 25°C and softening point). Lower penetration value bitumens are therefore stiffer. Lower penetration bitumens also have higher softening temperatures compared to higher penetration grades. Commonly used bitumen grades in the UK are 40/60 pen, 70/100 pen, 100/150 pen, and 160/220 pen. 100/150 pen bitumen is the preferred grade for most applications in the UK, although 40/60 is used for heavily trafficked roads, and 160/220 is often used for hand lay work as it is easier to apply.


We offer eleven grades in our Bitumen range, these grades are used in different applicaitons according to the industry specifications.

Our Bitumens are delivered in drums and tankers through our logisitics network directly to your destination.  




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