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Asphalt producers use Gilsonite resin, road paving engineers and paving contractors who are concerned with PG specifications, high performance and cost effectiveness. Gilsonite, long known as a bitumen reinforce and hardening agent, also offers a unique combination of high performance and economical for high stress paving, as well as preservation applications. A significant benefit of Gilsonite is in producing road pavement mixes of higher stability than conventional ones.


Various properties of asphalt are manipulated to produce a product that has the appropriate wear properties, rut resistance, fatigue and low temperature cracking resistance, adhesion strength, viscosity and pour point. Rut resistance is resistance to longitudinal surface depressions in the wheel paths. Adhesion strength is the maximum adhesion strength of the joint sealant and the joint reservoir, including but not limited to, between the aggregate and the binder. Shove resistance is resistance to permanent, longitudinal displacement of a localized area of the pavement surface caused by traffic pushing against the pavement. Heavy hydrocarbon that can be derived from, without limitation, natural asphalt (Gilsonite), shale asphalt, bottoms from a solvent DE Asphalting process, hard asphalt, blown asphalt, stiff refined asphalt and flux.


It is generally regarded that Gilsonite reduces pavements' low temperature properties making them susceptible to thermal cracking. Gilsonite melted into hot asphalt will reduce penetration and increase viscosity of the asphalt binder. Gilsonite may also be mixed with aggregate prior to combining with the asphalt binder. Gilsonite-modified asphalt pavements have been particularly successfully in highly stressed traffic areas. Transportation has been increased dramatically nowadays. High stress traffic situations frequently take place around the country.




  • Improved resistance to deformation

  • Improved the economic performance of the road

  • Improved resistance to stripping

  • Improved resistance to fatigue

  • Improved durability

  • Compensation for poor mixes design

  • Compensation for poor aggregates




Gilsonite is used as a binder to increase the performance and lifetime of asphalt and road paving. Gilsonite is mostly used in construction to obtain the highest level of resistance.